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 Jobber: Greg Ward

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Miles Maverick


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PostSubject: Jobber: Greg Ward   Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:00 pm


Ring Name: Greg "El Lobo" Ward

Nickname(s): The Human Highlight Reel, The Strong Style Wolf

Height: 5'10

Weight: 190lbs.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Pic Base: ACH

Segment Attire (Optional): He wears a black hoodie, sunglasses and or have a toothpick in his mouth everywhere he goes.


Theme Song: Dropkillers - Batman


Disposition (Face, Tweener, Heel): Tweener (For now)

Gimmick (20 words or more): If you put The Rock, Shinsuke Nakamura, ACH, and Shawn Michaels in a blender, you're get Greg Ward. Full of energy and life but also big on honor and competing. He trusts no one because trusting others had never worked out in his favor. The only thing he cares about now is his family, fighting and championships. You'll learn more about him in time. Just don't bore him with talking. He likes to talk with his fists more.

Specialty Match: One-On-One, Ladder, Ironman, Tag Team

Weapon of Choice: Kendo stick

Common Moves:
Missile Dropkick
Flying Forearm Strike
Dragon Screw
Sling Blade
Guillotine Choke
German Suplex
Tiger Suplex
Dragon Suplex
Chest Kicks
Belly to belly Suplex
Overhead Kick
Swinging Neckbreaker
Twisting Springboard Crossbody
Superman Plancha
Asai Moonsault
Asai DDT
Running Dragon Bomb
Slingshot somersault senton
Snap suplex
"Double-A" spinebuster
Half nelson Suplex

Signature Moves (7 Max):

Gamebreaker (Shining Wizard)

Gamebreaker Vol. 2 (Busaiku Knee Kick)

Drum 'n' Bass (Scissors Kick)

Dark Rider Kick (Spinning Crescent Kick)

P.R.E.Y (Rear Naked Choke)

Shoyu (Liontamer)

Gamebreaker V3 (Soccer kick to the chest of a seated opponent)

Finishing Moves (3 Max):

Mangetsu (5-Star Frog Splash(Secondary))

Rider Kick (Roundhouse Kick(Last Resort))

The Ball Game (Paydirt(Main))

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Jobber: Greg Ward
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