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 Cyanide Contract

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PostSubject: Cyanide Contract   Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:40 pm

Name - Cyanide

Nickname -

Heel/Face/Tweener - Tweener

Height - 6'0

Weight - 225 lbs

Hometown - Detroit, Michigan

Signature Moves - The Diamond Dust, Half nelson suplex, Repeated Running Boots at the bottom turnbuckle, Bucklebomb, Alabama Slam, High Knee, Pescado onto the floor, Suicide Dive, Hanging DDT.

Finisher(s)-  The Flatliner

Picbase - Matt Hardy

Gimmick- Cyanide has always lived on the edge. He's been living like a rock star: Drugs, alcohol and women. No major company would hire him : except PGW that is. Now that he's finally found a home there is one question: Can he adapt, or will his demons catch up to him?
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Cyanide Contract
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