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The Madhouse


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PostSubject: Silence/Kyra   Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:10 pm

Ring Name: Silence/Kyra (Both sides exist, but typically the announcer will announce her as Silence)
Nickname(s): Duality Diva.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230
Hometown: East Saint Louis, Illinois

Pic Base: Jessicka Havok

Segment Attire (Optional): She normally wears dark clothing, commonly a hoodie with her insignia of a dagger through a bleeding heart on its front. The iconic piece is a spiked gas mask that she wears, which she keeps on her person at all times.

Theme Song: No Room in Hell by Josef Lord

Detailed Entrance Description (Optional): The light slowly dims as a deep green light focuses on the stage. As the words begin to come up Silence slowly walks out, moving as if dancing like fluid before she stands rigid. If she begins the match as Silence she will walk slowly to the ring, moving rigidly as if she is trying to restrain some dark power inside her. If she begins the match as Kyra her movements are still just as fluid and she appears happy and smiling. Once in the ring she will remove the gas mask and either place it gingerly at its place at her corner (if Kyra) or toss it carelessly towards it (if Silence)

Disposition (Face, Tweener, Heel): Heel (Is unable to control her anger and rages as Silence, but mourns these things as Kyra)
Gimmick: Duality is something strange for a child. Kyra always had a vivid imagination. Her doctors said that this was because she was originally going to be a twin sister, but because her twin died in the womb she was never given that chance. Kyra herself always had a vivid imagination however. She always talked to an imaginary sister of hers, but when asked of what her sisters name was...she responded with Silence. Moving further through the years, it became worrying that she wasn't really getting other friends, staying by herself at all times to talk with her sister. Dependent Personality Syndrome. Her mind state had fractured into separate personalities, not unlike Multiple Personality Disorder, except the two personalities were not only aware of one another but could communicate. Kyra, the beautiful and sweet girl who only wanted to be accepted by others, and Silence...the dark twisted "sister" that desired only to be left alone and to cause pain to "those that wouldn't let her live." The two personalities shared one love however. Watching wrestling...and one day...their claim to fame came when they were placed into a small indie league. Dominating the show though grew tiresome...but the new year holds new chances. PGW is here...and is Silence.

(In Ring Info): Silence and Kyra can actually go back and forth in promos, but when fighting there is sometimes a split and one side will dominate. Kyra doesn't often prevail but when she does she will always begin the match. The personality though can switch over to Silence and there is a noticeable change. So for a statement: Kyra can switch to Silence mid match, but Silence cannot switch back to Kyra until the match ends.)

Signatures: Bed of Nails (Elevated Choke Bomb)
Schism (Samoan Spike to the forehead)

Finishers: Fracture (Sitout Powerbomb)
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PostSubject: Re: Silence/Kyra   Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:26 pm

YIKES! What is with that poor excuse for makeup slathered on your face? I shall hold back on being too harsh with my commentary as you are a bigger woman and I know it is not correct politics to bully your kind. Besides, I know you have been through a lot. You had a sister perish while still in the belly box of your mother? How sad! Though maybe it is sign. Follow me to my dungeon and I can provide you with the set of twins your parents could never have in my First Creation!
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