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 Gin Dynasty

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Gin Dynasty


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PostSubject: Gin Dynasty   Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:14 am

[center]Tag Team Name: Gin Dynasty[/center]

Tag Team Members: Oyabun Gin, Kotaro Gin, Hatsukyo Gin, Saiko Hotaru, Kinkaku Sakura

Tag Team Nicknames: Shogunate, The Empire, The Yakuza

Tag Team Theme: Yasushi Ishi - Logos Naki World

Tag Team Alighnment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Tweener

Tag Team Wrestling Style: Strong Style

Tag Team Gimmick/Reason for Teaming: Kotaro Gin is incredibly charismatic, and being one of the Japanese only promotions, RSCW was due for a resurgence of 'local talent'. The Shogunate that was Gin Dynasty formed first out of necessity, and grew into an Empire of Power and Control. But, when PGW closed down the Gin Dynasty seemed doomed to fail...until they recieved the final key. The Don. The real leader. And now, Inner City Wrestling Association has come to know the name of Gin Dynasty.

Shockingly the tag team does not have any 'concurrent moves' and instead focuses on their individual skills, the only tag team moves being whatever they can think of at once.
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Gin Dynasty
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