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 Oyabun Gin

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Gin Dynasty


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PostSubject: Oyabun Gin   Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:27 pm

Name: Oyabun Gin

Nickname (Optional): Oyabun, The Hand of Fate, The Elder God

Picbase: Minoru Suzuki

Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 225 lbs

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Entrance Theme: Passion by Utada Hikaru

Wrestling Style: Catch Style Wrestling

Gimmick: The Don/The Boss of the Yakuza that reigned in Osaka for years, Oyabun Gin has no first name to be known. As far as he's known the only known connections he has are his son Kotaro and his daughter Hatsukyo. Oyabun Gin is the true leader of the Gin Dynasty and a proponent of genuine wrestling, but he isn't afraid of cheating if necessary.

Signature Moves (5 Max):
Cross Armbreaker
Sleeperhold transitioned into an armbar

Finisher(s) (3 Max): Megitsune - Open Palm Strike to the Jaw

Osaka Bomber - Gotch Style Piledriver
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PostSubject: Re: Oyabun Gin   Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:36 pm

Oyabun! How are you doing good sir! Welcome to ICWA! I am sure it will be hard to adjust from being a great warrior in Japan. Let me tell you in advance to not worry, you don't need to take your shoes off at the door around here. I am surprised you even arrived here to be honest, your vessel must be on it's last legs. How do you even possesses the hair to do your rat tail. Puzzling questions that not even Nassim Mooran can answer for me, but hopefully you will be able to once we meet. Vanguard 1 is a wonderful translator.
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Oyabun Gin
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