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 Asesina Santos.

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Asesina Santos


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PostSubject: Asesina Santos.   Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:45 pm

A S E S I N A  S A N T O S.

Ring Name: Asesina Santos.
Real Name: Lluvia Sofia Santos.
Birthday: June 13, 1990.
Nickname: “La Machetera” (Spanish slang term for someone (feminine) who wields a machete), “Miss Murder”.
Picture Base: Catrina/Karlee Perez.
Alignment: Heel. Lawful evil.
Height & Weight: Five feet, four inches. One-hundred and thirty pounds.
Billed From: Crystal Lake, New Jersey.
Actual Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey.
Theme Song: “Shot from a Cannon" -- Chevelle.

Wrestling Style: Technical brawler. Her propensity for throwing hands when it’s necessary is matched only by how methodical she can be. She’s prone to picking out body parts and zeroing in on them as a means to wear down an opponent, and only after that does she have a tendency to become more frenzied. If anything, it’s a testament to her personality; equal parts icy and impulsive.
Character Summary: A little dark, kinda brooding, and a bit blood-thirsty, all wrapped up in a sultry-looking package. Anything Asesina does, it’s never personal. She’s a little violent, but not completely undiplomatic. She’s got the ruthlessness of a slasher movie villain and the cunning and resourcefulness of a final girl from the same bloody genre of movie. She’s here to win, and she’s got all the tools to do so. The bodies and hearts broken along the way are just a means to an end.
Common Moves: Backpack stunner, big boot, finger bends, running front dropkick to an opponent against the ropes, Samoan drop, side slam backbreaker, snap elbow drop.
Signature Moves: Gravedigger (rope-hung reverse STO), Gray Matter (swinging fisherman neckbreaker), Six Feet Under (inverted DDT, sometimes to a ring apron-hung opponent).
Finishers: Horror Story (discus back elbow smash), Sangriento Viernes (powerbomb dropped into a double-knee backbreaker), Slasher 101 (bridging fujiwara armbar).
*She usually licks her opponent’s face at some point after hitting a finisher, whether it’s during the referee’s count or after the final bell has been rung. Have fun with that. 
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PostSubject: Re: Asesina Santos.   Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:44 pm

Based God DAMN those are some gargantuan chest melons. You are looking rather ripe my dear lady. Those child bearing hips are HYPNOTIZING. HAHAHA, I JUST DID A HUMOROUS PUN, YAAAAASSSSS. My new heartsweet, please join me on the Cyanide estate. We can sit together in my dilapidated boat and watch my slave Senor Nathan shoot fireworks for us in the night time sky!
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Asesina Santos.
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