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 Jobber: Thomas Minns

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Miles Maverick


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PostSubject: Jobber: Thomas Minns   Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:09 am

- Prologue -
Thomas Minns comes from a rich background. His father is a lawyer and his mother a doctor. He has been spolit throughout his life and still lives off his fathers fortune. He has numerous sports car and hundreds of suits that he didn't have to spend a single penny on. A graduate from Havard, Minns also has brains behind his money. After graduating he wanted to go into the wrestling business so his father paid for him to study in the top wrestling school in the world. He is a naturally talented wrestler which led him to finish top of his class. His brains make him a very cunning competitior, he uses his brains to his advantage in the ring. His natural ability has made him cocky and arrogant. He is a hit with the ladies due to his good looks too. He has accomplished a lot in his career and wants to continue his successful nature in PWG.

- Ring Name -
Thomas Minns

- Nicknames -
The Metrosexual Messiah, The Marksman, Hunter, Champagne Charlie, Picture Perfect, Mr. Always on Point, Pretty Boy, The James Dean of Professional Wrestling, The Mental Mastermind, Das Wunderkind, The Kid With The Motor Mouth

- Hometown -
Seattle, Washington

- Height -
6ft 2

- Weight -
220 lbs

- Signature Moves -
1. Knifedge Chop
2. Sharpshooter
3. Knee Facebreaker
4. Flying Forearm
5. Exploder Suplex
6. Russian Leg Sweep
7. Running Lariat
8. Snap DDT
9. Shoulder Jawbreaker
10. Inverted Facelock Backbreaker Into Invented DDT Combo
11. God of Immortality (Double Underhook Backbreaker)
12. Credibility Statement (Hangman's DDT)
13. Flex On 'Em (Back Body Drop followed by a muscle flex)

- Finishing Moves -
Sleepless in Seattle (Skull Crushing Finale)
Infected (Figure 4f)

- Face, Tweener, or Heel -

- Theme Song -
Legend by Drake

- Picture Base -
Simon Gotch

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PostSubject: Re: Jobber: Thomas Minns   Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:00 pm

WONDERFUL! I am glad that you are back in the wrestling business and have managed to get past your appearances in the Predator Catching program. The pink haired hussy who holds your heart has awaited your arrival with open legs.
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Jobber: Thomas Minns
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